Lifework began in 1992 when William Armstrong, a Colorado media executive turned United States Senator, convened a meeting of marketplace leaders to cast a vision for transformation through Christ-centered leadership in the workplace. It launched in Orlando (Florida) and became so impactful that more cities in the USA wanted to be in on it. After this initial expansion in the USA, Lifework Leadership became global and now serve several cities around the world.

Lifework Leadership is the flagship program of The City Changers Movement for equipping influencers. Leaders from different spheres of society are empowered through Lifework programs to become City Changers. These influencers leverage their talents, skills, experience and leadership for the kingdom of God in their cities.

The City Changers Movement (CCM) is an extension of the Doxa Deo dream to see God’s transforming presence in cities across the globe. The CCM strategy is focused on local leaders who are equipped to transform their world.


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