As leaders we all deal with an uncertain & complex world.
Lifework Leadership empowers leaders to flourish regardless of the volatility in a 9-month journey to significance.

Lifework has empowered thousands of leaders in six nations on this journey.

Transforming Leaders – Transforming Cities

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Thank God for Lifework Leadership It is tackling a mountain-sized problem in the church, and is doing so in an inimitable way. I always enjoy being there.
OS Guinness – Author of “Renaissance” (Lifework Speaker)
Lifework Leadership was the spark for gathering a terrific group of leaders – many of whom I have admired professionally and philantropically. Since our time of systematic and intentional study of God’s word and open sharing, at least a dozen Lifework alumni have since become dear friends.
ABE NG – President & CEO: Sushi Maki (Lifework Alumni)
If you are passionate and willing to stand on the shoulders of giants in the market place – giants who have chosen to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, then I recommend Lifework to you. It offers exceptional teaching and highly qualified speakers from around the globe – transforming leaders across ethnic groups.
Rhulani Matshidze – CEO: Enpower (Lifework Alumni)

Three C’s for a faithful and fruitful presence

Connecting to a Like-minded community
Captivating your heart for the city

Transforming Leaders | Transforming Cities