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Thursday, March 06, 2014 •


Henry Blackaby and I (pictured) were waiting for this Lifework class to finish their table discussions, and he turned to me and said, "Steve, leaders need a global heart. These leaders will understand the heart of Jesus better and be more effective in their leadership if they go to other places around the globe."
Henry's words echoed a two-year prayer of mine, "Oh God, help me to lead leaders and follow your global heart." Lifework is receiving inquiries and invitations to "go" to cities in the USA, China, India and Africa. As a result, a group of alumni will be "going" to China  this April and November to share Lifework's content and connections along with our alumni's business best practices with Chinese students and leaders.  We will "go" wherever God invites us to go whether its to Sacramento or Shanghai.  We will offer to seed our leadership program if local leaders can demonstrate an ability to sustain it. I am inviting my friends and Lifework alumni to join me in going global and giving to these exciting mission efforts. We need monthly and momentary contributors. Monthly contributors provide the critical foundation to sustain us. Momentary contributors provide the larger gifts to seed our new initiatives. Would you include us in your monthly or momentary contributions? Help me "to lead leaders and follow (God's) global heart."  Our mission hasn't changed (transforming leaders), but our vision (transforming cities) will expand to compliment Jesus' global heart. 
PS: Due to the unique challenges of China, if you wish to receive more insights to our exciting China opportunities please contact me - [email protected].

Our Impact!

Several hundred Lifework Leadership alumni in South Florida held a "western" Beast Feast last month! How inspiring it was to have these leaders enjoy one another and share their stories of how God is beginning to use them to touch and transform South Florida.
This Beast Feast was held at the home of Lifework alumni, Wayne & Fonda Huizenga Jr., who were thrilled to hear how God is making our Lifework dream come true!  We were challenged by the story of a woman who will be benefiting from the upcoming Lifework class and alumni service project to build her a home with Habitat for Humanity. I also had the opportunity (pictured) to remind all the alumni of how Jesus challenged his marketplace leaders to "go global" and that He is challenging Lifework leaders to do likewise. If you lead like Jesus, you will serve locally and have a vision globally.
Connect with me or your local Lifework staff member and discover how to respond to Jesus' challenge "to go" locally and globally.

Our Insight!


Lifework Leadership has always sought to provide leaders with "vetted" speakers and authors that are some of the best in the world!  In his book, Every Good Endeavor,  Tim Keller has done a masterful job of bringing a critical and complex topic such as "Biblical Worldview" and made it simple and meaningful for leaders. Here are my summary notes on the book, with the hope you might be encouraged to purchase and enjoy the book. Keller's reflections on Biblical Worldview are found in Chapter 9.

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